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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Portillo, Chile

Nick, Old Man River Harlan, Bjorn, Nick’s Mom Leah and step-dad Mark and I headed to Portillo, Chile for a week of skiing in August. What a week was had by all! Nick was teaching a clinic through NASTC and the wonderful Chris Fellows, and Bjorn, Dad and I took the clinic. Loved the time with Leah and Mark. They saw more late nights out than any of us. Pops is always fun to be around. Bjorn absolutely ripped in his skiing, and I got a bit better when I wasn’t complaining about my stupid helmet or sitting down in the snow. I loved seeing Nick in action as an amazing ski instructor, he is so very patient and so very knowledgeable. We had the most epic day of powder after a storm cloud came in and dumped a couple of feet. Wow. Portillo is quite a place! Nick and I headed straight back to Colorado but the rest of the family stayed a couple of days in Santiago and saw the sights.
                                                    Having lunch at a mid-mountain place.

                                     The journey up to the hotel involves a lot of switchbacks!
                                     We look happy, and we were. Except the stupid helmet.
                                                         Riding a very scary "lift".

Friday, November 11, 2011


This past summer I made the desserts for eight or so weddings in Crested Butte. For some odd reason, making wedding cakes is really stressful! It’s not like any pictures are taken or anything. Other than one experience where the finished top tier ended up falling on my face and neck (no pictures were taken of that experience and the cake was salvaged as best as it could be…) they went well. I rented the commercial kitchen at the local fairgrounds which was an incredible space, but it sucks to load and unload your half your kitchen into the car, into the space, bake, and then reload. But, it’s simply not possible to create a professional, large pastry order in your home kitchen. Especially when cat hair and pathetic dusting is involved.  I really am not sure what next summer’s baking will bring. Nick and I didn’t really miss the work of the summer markets, and I don’t know if I just want to make cakes… I have a bug in my bonnet to create a little bakery cart and hit the streets of CB a few days a week. We’ll see what happens. Until then, here are a few pics from some of my summer cakes and “wedding dessert buffets”.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Well. I have joined the ranks. I am starting a blog. The reasons for this are many fold:

1. I can't keep up with my correspondences, and this way, if you WANT to know what's up... you can read my blog. I am not a big facebook person, which I realize a lot of people are, and so I think this will work better for me.
2. I LOVE all the blogs that are kept by my family and friends. They are so amusing and informative.
3. Blogs are good for pictures.
4. I think I could use a bit of musing on my life in Gunnison.
5. This past weekend Nick fell through (well, just one leg) the TV room ceiling. And, my Mom's response was: "Are you keeping a record of these things?"

And, the birth of the Herrin House blog begins.